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SHIP INSURANCES for seagoing vessels, river barges and yachts

  • Hull & Machinery Cover
  • Protection & Indemnity Cover
  • Charterers’ Protection & Indemnity Cover
  • IV Cover
  • War Cover
  • Loss of Hire Cover (Loss of Earnings insurance)
  • Strike and Delay Cover
  • Machinery Insurance / Electronic Insurance

  • FD&D Cover
  • Crew Cover / Crew Effects Cover
  • Errors and Omission Insurance / Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Builders’ Risk Cover / Building Supervision Cover
  • Terminal Cover
  • Cargo Cover
  • Freight Forwarders Cover / Carrier’s Liability Cover
  • Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
  • COFR / International Carrier's Bonds



  • External Review of Cover Notes and underlying Cover Concepts
  • External Review of Premium Statements
  • External Review of Risk Carrier
  • External Claims Handling and Collection of Claims from Insurance Consortia
  • External Advice upon Collision Matters and other Casualties
  • External Advice upon General Average Matters
  • External Advice upon Marine Arbitration Proceedings

  • Tax Consultants
  • Banks
  • Mortgagees
  • Insolvency Administrators
  • Insolvency MDs
  • Lawyers
  • Ship Managers


About us

KINGFISHER is a small but powerful marine insurance broker for a selected clientele. A highly skilled base of employees ensures accurate and effective service. All employees have sound experience in the field of marine insurance and were previously responsible for managing insurance portfolio at other broking houses.

KINGFISHER has its origins in the traditional marine insurance. After a thorough evaluation and assessment of the individual risk profile of each client, we use the relevant international marine insurance markets to compile an optimum insurance cover for the client’s needs.

KINGFISHER handles insurance matters "hand in hand" and "side by side" with the client. We at KINGFISHER firmly believe that potential problems and monetary risks are best discovered early by close cooperation and open discussion with the client. Tailor–made insurance contracts are valuable tools for our customers. We understand our clients as our partners and take a pleasure in adopting their needs and expectations vis-à-vis underwriters or other third parties.


serves clients worldwide

KINGFISHER serves clients world-wide and insures commercial ship-owners, charterers and operators as-well as pleasure crafts and yachts.



Dr. Jan Joachim Rieckhoff, LL.M. (Cape Town)

Dr. Rieckhoff studied shipping and maritime law at Hamburg University where he passed the bar exam in 2004. He has a Master Degree of Shipping Laws from Cape Town University and University of Stellenbosch and did his doctorate (doctor of laws) in 2005 by comparing English and German maritime arbitration. As head of the claims department at a long-established marine insurance broker, Dr. Rieckhoff was previously responsible for the overall supervision of the claims side and the further development of the underlying insurance provisions. Dr. Rieckhoff is the majority shareholder of KINGFISHER and in his function as managing partner at home both in the placing and claims handling.

Phone: +49 (0)40 54 80 490 - 11
Mobile: +49 (0)176 - 85 64 98 80
E-Mail: jan.rieckhoff@kingfisher-insurance.de
Florian Berend

Florian Berend began his professional career at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty AG, where he worked as an underwriter. In 2010 he changed to a marine insurance broker to work as a team leader in the field of marine insurance. Later, Florian Berend was responsible for the handling of the claims on behalf of his shipping customers in the claims department of the broking house. Florian is shareholder and within Kingfisher mostly responsible for the placing side.

Phone: +49 (0)40 54 80 490 - 12
Mobile: +49 (0)171 - 568 17 87
E-Mail: florian.berend@kingfisher-insurance.de

We must Free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.

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